Saturday night was an EPIC night for me. Three of my best friends and I went to see New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB). As we walk up to the coliseum doors, I felt a rush of excitement….I could almost pee in my pants. I was so thrilled. As the thousands of eager women make their way to their seats, I look around and think to myself, “There are hardly any men here!” Everyone around me seemed to be between the ages of 20 through 40……all women with the exception of the few brave men that were with their girlfriends or wives.

Matthew Morrison opened up for NKOTBSB. If you haven’t heard about him…he is the teacher on Glee. I have only watched about half of the first season of Glee, so I’m not exactly a “Gleek” yet. However, I will be very soon. Matthew Morrison was dreamy. He was a hunk! He sang several of his own songs and then also his rendition of other more popular songs.  Michael Buble was one of the artists he covered and I love me some Michael Buble! Anyways…Matthew Morrison, in my opinion, was the perfect opening act for the occasion.

As soon as NKOTBSB came on to the stage the crowd went wild. Everyone in the house literally jumped out of their seats. It was like we all morphed back into time, when we were 14.  We were women when we walked into the building but as soon as NKOTBSB appeared on the stage, we were teenyboppers’ once again. As I look around in the crowd, I see 35 year old woman with their New Kids shirts on and glow sticks dancing around with HUGE smiles, I see a sign in the distance that says, “ Marry Me, Nick Carter” and I hear the high pitch screams and singing of thousands of girls. I was right there with all of them—singing, dancing, smiling… For the entire 3 or so hours I was there, I felt insanely happy. Not just happy, not just content…..I was Insanely happy.

This whole experience got me to thinking about the days when I really was 14 years old. All I had to worry about was that cute boy I had a massive crush on,orrr  how my little brother was getting on my nerves (love ya Kyle) or how the heck I was going to convince my parents to let me stay over at a friend’s house without cleaning the kitchen first!  I started thinking about some things that I could do bring back that feeling I had in 1998…to bring back that worry free lifestyle that we all love….

Here are some of my ideas that I’m going to make happen and it may take the help of some of my friends and/or family members:

  • Get a bike and put a radio on the front of it. We will ride around the neighborhood, listening to all of our favorite songs…..just like old times, Maggie Wisco…
  • Buy sidewalk chalk. I will spend the afternoon doodling and probably end up writing my name over and over on the concrete.
  • Bubbles.  I want to go to the park, lie on a blanket and blow some bubbles!
  • Sleep Over. I want to have a sleepover with all of my best girlfriends. Each and every one of you. We will do mask, our nails, watch movies, tell ghost stories, and have girl talk. The difference is….now we can have wine!
  • Back to School Shopping. At the end of every summer, I’d look forward to my Mom and me shopping for my new wardrobe for the fall. Who’s to say that I can’t go shopping with my mom for my work fall clothes? I’ll buy of course!
  • Sprinkler. I want to run through one!
  • Two Words: Cookie Dough. I want to eat it right out of the package. Hey….Anything is OK in moderation!

What are you going to do to bring out your inner 14 year old? Whatever it must include fun!