Good Morning Playlist # 3!!

Good morning everyone!  It’s rainy here in Greensboro, NC, so here is my latest happy playlist to brighten your day….

1. Miss You Much- Janet Jackson

2. Got to Give it Up- Marvin Gay

3. Bennie and the Jets- Hayley Reinhart (American Idol)

4. All Over Me- Josh Turner

5. Rolling in the Deep- Adele

6. You and I- Lady Gaga

7. The Light in Me- Brandon Heath

8. Empire State of Mind- Glee Cast

9. Beat It- Michael Jackson

10.  Callin Baton Rouge- Garth Brooks

Happy Tuesday!

Have a little faith…..

I had the most intense conversation with someone who walked through the doors into our office today. As he walked in, I could tell he was not happy. With eyes of despair and the look of sadness, he walks up to the desk .I say with excitement and a huge smile on my face as always, “Hey there! How are you today????

The gentleman angrily says…” I’m just bitter today but I need to pay for my homeowners association dues.”  I said…I’m sorry.. ok…He then went on to explain to me how messed up our country was and how nothing is going right in this world. With that, I look at him and say, “I know, I’m just extremely happy to even be alive.”  He immediately says, I think the alternative would be better. I’d rather be dead and not have to worry about life.”

As soon as he said that I knew the conversation was getting a little bit more serious.  I went on to again say something about how I am glad that I have today and that I have my family and friends in my life.  He asked me a couple more questions angrily about my job, and why was I working at a property management company if I had a bachelor’s degree. I went on to telling him that I was extremely thankful for my job because a lot of people do not have jobs.

Then… he said it once more, “Well…. I’d rather be dead and not have to worry about life.”  I looked at him deeply in his eyes and said. “You dying would affect many more people other than just yourself.”

He looked at me and asked me how I do it every day…. He asked how I get through day to day if I am having a hard time.  I told him these exact words. I have faith that things will get better and I have faith in God.

I’m Slightly Obessed with….

Below are my top 10 latest obsessions…Some of them I keep to myself ( I.e.—J. Beibs)..but most of these I rave about them to all of my friends, family and coworkers….

My August Loves:

  • Birthday Cake Pops:  These are heaven on a stick to me. Starbucks really got it right in my opinion when they introduced these delish little treats. I feel somewhat guilty when I get asked at Starbucks, “Would you like your birthday cake pop today, Lauren??”  So wrong….but oh so right…
  • Ivy & Leo: This is the cutest store. I got introduced to this store by my quite stylish Aunt, Angela. She said, “Lauren, You’ve GOT to go into this store at Friendly Shopping Center next to Talbots, It’s so you.” Boy was she right. I can’t go in that store without walking out with a new favorite dress.
  • The Bachelorette: I don’t have cable so I have resorted to watching TV shows on the internet.  I watched the first episode of the latest season of the bachelorette and I got hooked instantly. I have made it through the first 9 episodes in a little over a week! I want to marry Ben..Just saying..
  • Justin Bieber:  I don’t care what anyone says..this kid has talent and his songs are so catchy to me.
  • Pimento Cheese: For some reason..for the past month I have become slightly obsessed with pimento cheese. One of these days..very soon…I’m going to make my own batch!
  • “ French Fry Fridays”: I’m always trying to do well on my “diet” so I allow myself a cheat day. I pretty much allow myself to eat fries every Friday …I look forward to it. Gotta splurge every once and a while!
  • Post Cards: I love getting mail so I signed up with this website called You send postcards from your hometown to people around the world and then in return you will receive postcards from all ends of the earth. I’ve gotten post cards from California and Taiwan to Brazil and Lithuania. I get a huge smile when I open my P.O. Box and I have post card in there. Even if all it says is, “Hi. I roller derby and I like to watch movies.”
  • Eel Skin clutch Purse: I got this vintage clutch from my step mom and I absolutely love it. It’s not the most sensible purse for work but I carry it anyways.
  • Cowboy boots: I’ve been going to a lot of country concerts lately and I loveeee wearing my boots. I’m so ready for fall when I can wear boots and a cute dress. I love that look!
  • Naps/ Quiet time with Belle: On weekends and at night I love just propping my feet up on my couch and lying with my little lady, Belle. Whether I’m watching cheesy reality TV on the internet, reading a book or just laying and being insanely lazy…it’s always simply amazing and relaxing.


Just a Thought….

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I get an e-mail from Sid Batts, the senior pastor from First Presbyterian Church here in Greensboro. He usually sends insightful stories that get you to reflecting on your life and get you to thinking. I look forward to receiving these in my inbox. Sometimes I go back and look at old ones. Just so happens that one of my favorite entries was written on my birthday of last year and here’s what it said:

Nov. 10, 2010 — A six-word life

An online magazine invited its readers to write their life stories. The catch was they had to do it in six words. 

It’s amazing how insightful or funny six words can be.  Listen to some of these “life stories.”

  • Followed rules, not dreams. Never again.
  • Made a mess. Cleaned it up.
  • Clawed my way out ofTennessee.
  • Seventy years, few tears, hairy ears.
  • It got better after middle age.

So, if we tried to write our life story in six words, what would we write? 

How about six words that reflect our spiritual life, such as, “I was loved and I loved.”

I have been thinking….When I get older, how do I want to sum up my life? If I were to die tomorrow, I think I’d sum it up by “I still need more time here”. I don’t want to wake up 60 years from now thinking the same thing… I have a lot more living to do.  I want my life story to be, “Lived a lot. Loved a lot”

P.S.- If you’d like to subscribe to Sid Batt’s, “Just a thought”, go to

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