As soon as Brian, my fiancé, said the words the “Peanut Warehouse” as a venue for our wedding reception, I immediately started googling, like I always do. What I found was not what I was expecting. I’ve driven through Conway, SC, many times.  I’ve always thought the downtown was simply beautiful but I never expected that our wedding ceremony and reception venues would be in my future husbands’ hometown.

Little quaint store fronts, giant longstanding oak trees with spanish moss hanging down, old churches, historic buildings with the Waccamaw River all in sight paint the perfect picture of a small coastal town with southern charm. Time seems to run slower there. Most people traveling to the beach drive through missing the picturesque scenes from another perspective of Conway.

Our ceremony will be on the river walk, which I’m completely obsessed with. What I am probably more obsessed with though is our reception location, the Peanut Warehouse. I am utterly in love with old vintage things and the Peanut Warehouse is exactly that.

When you look on the outside of this historic building, you wouldn’t be able to picture the beauty that is on the inside.  It was built around 1900 and has had everything in it from peanuts, to lumber and cotton, to some kind of something called super rainbow plant food. It even still has the old oak hardwood flooring and the old scale where the rail cars used to measure the goods that they brought into the building.

As soon as I walked inside, I could literally feel my excitement building up.  With each step I took, I could imagine our reception come to life in my mind. The day we got to look inside was May 3, 2013 and coincidentally  the date we are getting married is May 3, 2014. I would say, “In exactly a year, we will be having our first dance right” as I was standing on the dance floor.  Looking around, the place became alive, I was imagining what it would be like in one year with all of our most treasured friends and family all around us.

If you want to learn more about the peanut warehouse, click HERE.



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