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Just Believe….

Someone once said “You can have anything you want, if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.” I couldn’t agree more.  I’m a huge believer that you can do anything you want as long as you simply put your mind to it.

 I haven’t always been this way. In fact, I was probably the opposite. I was the ultimate “negative nelly.” Sometimes, in life, change is what you need to catapult yourself into the right direction and change your perspective on everything. About a year ago I had a huge change in my life. I was in a relationship for a really long time and we broke up. I thought that I was unhappy with that person, however, in reality, I was utterly unhappy with myself.  

I was determined to change this. As day by day passed by, I started to believe in myself again. I got rid of that negative and sorry attitude and changed it to an “I CAN do this attitude”.  

One of my biggest goals for the past 6 or so years has been to lose weight. I gained not only the “freshmen 15” but then the sophomore, junior and senior 15 as well.  My attitude was always , “ahh I have so much to lose, I can’t do this.”  I would automatically be defeated before I even started TRYING to lose those extra pounds.  Well in 2010, I told myself that I am determined to lose this weight and become happy with myself, Lauren Elizabeth.  I would write in my journal:

“Lauren, you CAN lose this weight”

“You ARE beautiful”

“You CAN accomplish your dreams”

“You ARE successful”

“Lauren, you CAN do whatever you put your mind to “

Slowly but surely, I started to actually believe what I was writing.  In my mind, the first step in accomplishing a goal is believing in yourself. If you believe that you can’t accomplish something, then you never will.  So look on the bright side of life, know that you can accomplish your dreams and don’t settle for less.

Today is a Gift

Have you ever heard of the saying “Today is a gift and that’s why we call it the present.”? Well just waking up and planting your feet firmly on the ground should feel just like unwrapping that perfect gift on Christmas morning.

I can remember waking up on Christmas morning when I was little girl. My younger brother, Kyle, and I would have so much joy bouncing up at 5 am and tearing open each gift that Santa brought us. AWEESSOMMME is what would immediately come out of our mouths as we saw what each gift was. Throughout the day, we would continue to play with our new toys and find happiness examining each one.

I am 25 years old and my goal is to find that same joy as I did opening those presents Christmas morning. Today is a gift. As each second passes we cannot get the last back, so why not enjoy and make the most out of today?  In life, we all take things for granted. I know from experience. There are days where I just want to be in a bitter mood, but then I smile by faith and know that things will turn around.

Cherish the important people in your life, for they wont be here forever. Be happy with where you are today. Smile at someone (you never know, it might make their day).

Summmaaa Timeee

“Summertime and the livin’s easy”……Well for most people.  For those of us involved in the homeowner’s association industry, pool season is in full effect. Be sure and make time for fun this summer! Take a dive into the many events going on and plunge into the incredible summer “hot” spots thatNorth Carolina has to offer!

Barbeques, fireworks and red, white and blue all come to mind when thinking of the 4th of July. Celebrating our day of independence is the epitome of summer and finding the perfect spot to watch fireworks is crucial. One of the most unique spots in NC is the 15th annual Battleship Blast, which can be viewed primarily in downtown Wilmington. Noted as Coastal Living’s 10 Spots to Celebrate the Fourth and recent recipient of Southeast Tourism Society’s award of Top 20 things to due in July, this fireworks show surely wont disappoint. Visit http://www.battleshipnc.com for details!

From the coast to the mountains there is always something happening around the state. Go share the fun at the 33rd annual Bele Chere Festival in downtown Asheville on July 29-31. Bele Chere is known as the largest free street festival in the southeast and is perfect for all ages.  Enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery while listening to live original music. Also be sure and stop by the numerous arts and craft vendors that travel from all over the country to bring their unique, one of kind pieces of art to take home and make your own. To find out more information about the Bele Chere Festival, visit www. http://www.belecherefestival.com.

Here’s some juicy news…The 26th annual Watermelon Festival which is held in Fair Bluff, NC is going to be taking place July 16-24! “Simple to grow. Simple to Buy. Simple to Eat. Watermelon” is their motto.  So, being there is just that simple!  All things watermelon is the theme, from the watermelon eating contest to spiting seed contest, this festival will be some sweet fun. The festival will include a parade, car show and also Teen Miss and Queen Pageants. It all began in 1986, when two best friends, Monroe Enzor, Sr. and A.J. Worley, wanted a new hobby and they picked growing watermelons. This festival has been going ever since! Visit http://www.ncwatermelonfestival.com for more information. Don’t miss this mouth-watering event!

On a sweltering summer day, we all need the perfect spot to cool off. Whether it is in a pool, lake or on the beach, by the water is where we all want to be! A remarkable place to be is on the Dan River in StokesCounty.  Float down the river in an inner tube, canoe or kayak, whichever you chose is surely to be a relaxing enjoyable ride. A fun and affordable adventure, floating the Dan Riveris the perfect way to unwind and cool down on Saturday after a long week in the office. Visit http://www.danriveradventures.com to find out directions and information.

With so many events and festivals going on in the summer in the incredible state of NC, there is sure to be something going on for every individual’s interest. Go to VistingNC.com for a complete listing of everything going on around the state as well as your hometown.

Good Morning Lauren!

Starting the day off right is crucial. You know that saying, ” I woke up on the wrong side of the bed”?  Its true. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it usually leads to horrible event after event that leads to an unhappy day!  My key to waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed, is my ” Good Morning, Lauren!” Soundtrack.  Every morning, I immediately start to play my happy music that automatically puts me in a good mood. I’m dancing in the shower, singing into my toothbrush like it’s a microphone and smiling like it’s my job!

Here’s my playlist for this week:

1. Forget You- The GLEE version

2. Take me baby or Leave me -Rent

3. Best of my love- The emotions

4. September -Earth, Wind, Fire

5. Lean on me- Bill Withers

6. I wanna be your lover- Prince

7. Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift

8. You’re the Love I wanna be in- Jason Aldean

9. Always be my Baby- Mariah Carey

10. Little Lies- Dave Barnes

11. Biggest Part of Me- Ambrosia

Make your own good morning playlist and sing and dance around! It’s fun….Trust me.. I have experience! 😉

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