Good evening ladies and gents, coming to you live from Lauren’s writing desk. (OK, that was way too cheesy) Monday, Monday, Monday…the day that most people dread the most. Don’t worry, I do too. Especially days like today in my neck of the woods…rainy, dreary, and yucky. Tonight, I celebrated this Monday being over with a glass of my favorite, champagne…I even added a few 1

Monday is a day of beginnings. It’s a day to start fresh! Let’s start the week off on a positive note. I must admit, I did not do my afternoon exercise, BUT I did go to the grocery store and i’ve stocked up for this weeks essentials. I’ve got some clothes in the washing machine and put my exercise clothes out for the morning. I’ve got my alarms set because I am determined to wake up and do at least a 30 minute exercise.

Here is a little motivation to get your week started off right ( All are courtesy of pintrest, of course):


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Have a GREAT week!




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