Well it’s been a long while since i’ve posted here! I totally meant to keep writing but one day lead to another and life got really busy. So busy and overwhelming that I just completely put my blog on the back burner. It happens, life happens.

Since we last talked, my life has completely changed! On October 31, 2014, my husband, Brian, and I found out that we were pregnant with our own little pumpkin. On that day, I bought a bottle of one of my favorite wines and a pregnancy test. I really didn’t think it would be positive ( hence the bottle of wine) but I took it anyway. Once I saw the two little lines, I was in disbelief. I ran downstairs to Brian and with my hands shaking, and I handed him the test. Happy tears and scared tears were streaming down my face and Brian assured me that we were going to be OK! We poured out that bottle of wine and I downloaded every pregnancy app on my iPhone that I could.

My pregnancy was not very complicated. I was lucky enough to not have really bad morning sickness, just the nausea and aches and pains. It all went smoothly and while I did my fair share of complaining ( mostly to my amazing husband), I knew I was really blessed. I did end up with pre-eclampsia, which was the only scary complication that I had and it lead to our baby being here just a little bit early.




(This was me the day I got admitted to the hospital. I was HUGE!)

Fast forward ten or so months, that little pumpkin is finally here. I know every parent thinks the same thing, that their child is perfect but ours really is (well, we are biased). Don’t get me wrong, we have our sleepless nights and sometimes I feel like I am doing everything wrong but he is perfect in our eyes. Being a momma is the hardest job I have ever had but it has been so rewarding, even in the first month. I have really had to learn to believe in myself again and that takes some work.


If you have followed my blog at all, you know that one of my most major accomplishments and passions was losing weight and becoming the most healthy version of myself I can be. While I was pregnant, I lost that. I did what I said I would never do while pregnant, I ate everything and anything I wanted. I ate so many bagels and chinese food, I was sure that my baby was going to come out as bagel or smell like sesame chicken or something.

So here I am now, not exactly where I was before but too close for comfort. I am back on my journey to become a healthier version of myself. Now not just for me, but for Jacob.


( Photography by Heather Creed Photography, http://www.heathercreed.com. Check her out!)




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  1. Angela
    August 9, 2015 at 9:28 pm (6 years ago)

    Lauren, this really moved me. Jacob is so blessed to have you and Brian as his mother and father!


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