Good Morning Lauren!

Starting the day off right is crucial. You know that saying, ” I woke up on the wrong side of the bed”?  Its true. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it usually leads to horrible event after event that leads to an unhappy day!  My key to waking up on the RIGHT side of the bed, is my ” Good Morning, Lauren!” Soundtrack.  Every morning, I immediately start to play my happy music that automatically puts me in a good mood. I’m dancing in the shower, singing into my toothbrush like it’s a microphone and smiling like it’s my job!

Here’s my playlist for this week:

1. Forget You- The GLEE version

2. Take me baby or Leave me -Rent

3. Best of my love- The emotions

4. September -Earth, Wind, Fire

5. Lean on me- Bill Withers

6. I wanna be your lover- Prince

7. Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift

8. You’re the Love I wanna be in- Jason Aldean

9. Always be my Baby- Mariah Carey

10. Little Lies- Dave Barnes

11. Biggest Part of Me- Ambrosia

Make your own good morning playlist and sing and dance around! It’s fun….Trust me.. I have experience! 😉

Puppies, Snowdays,Suprises..oh my!

There are certain things, certain memories, when I look back on my life that generally just bring a smile to my face and make me all giddy just when I even THINK about them. I love the word “giddy” by the way.

Here are 10 of them:

1. Puppy Kisses.

2. Hot chocolate with a LOT of marshmallows after sledding all day on a snow day.

3. Knowing all the words to every song at one of my favorite bands at their concert.

4. Laying on the beach with a frozen drink with one of those little umbrellas.

5. Laughing so hard with my friends that it hurts.

6. Driving with my windows down on a beautiful spring day, music blaring , of course.

7. Surprising friends or family with anything..I will never forget the looks on their faces.

8. Paddle boating.

9. Going upside down on a Roller Coaster.

10. The smell of a REAL christmas tree.

….More to come at some point later in time……

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