The First Year of Parenthood, Part I.

Jacob turns 11 months old this week and since he is getting closer to his first birthday, I obviously am a very seasoned parent now ( riiigghht HAHA). Who I am I kidding…I’m still that mom who questions everything- why does he want to jump out of his high chair?? He is making a funny noise, is it asthma?! Am I putting him to bed at the right time? Is it ok for him to eat corn? Why is he stillll waking up in the middle of the night?!….. The list goes on and on.


Here are some things i’ve learned in the first year of parenthood:

  • You’re going to be thinking of your child all the time. Let me give you an example- I was in target the other day checking out at the register. The cashier was ringing up all of my baby items, along with wine and some things I needed for our house. What I heard the cashier say was, “ When’s the birthday for your little one?” So I told her “ welllll he is about to be 11 months old, he turns one soon, we’re having a birthday party in the back yard, yada yada yada. She looked at me kinda strange and said, “ No… Mam, What’s your birthday for the wine??” “OHHHH” I said with an ackward laugh..”for the wine”. Oops. I guess with all the baby stuff she must have known I was well over 21. My excuse was baby brain.
  • The love you feel for your child is so strong. People said all the time that as soon as Jacob gets here I was going to feel a love for him like i’ve never felt before. I must say this is true. Every time he gives me that little smile, giggles, kisses my cheek, it melts my heart.
  • You’re going to need coffee and lots of it. Our son is an early bird. He likes to start his day somewhere between 5:30 am and 6:00 am most days. Most of the time I don’t mind because I love seeing his smile BUT I am still a zombie without my coffee.
  • Just when you get used to one phase, another one comes. As soon as Jacob started crawling I thought our lives changed so much, until he started to stand and pull up on everything. I am enjoying this phase because I know walking comes next! I feel like at each stage the more and more baby proofed our house gets. Soon, our whole house will be bubble wrapped.
  • You’re going to get frustrated. I can remember vividly the first time I got frustrated with Jacob. I felt guilty but it’s only human nature. Just remain patient, calm and count to 10 and if that doesn’t work then WINE. I always remind myself that he is only going to be this young for such a short time period and to soak it all in.
  • Being a parent knocks the laziness right out of you. At least it did for me. I feel like I am always on the move chasing after my little man. I even work harder in my professional career. I have more of a motivation to do the best I can do for my family. They are my motivation.
  • The relationship with your spouse or partner will only get stronger. Seeing Brian with our son makes my heart flutter. They are just so darn sweet together. Our bond has gotten stronger having to make hard decisions together, making new memories and sharing the love for our son.
  • Things are going to get gross and you’re not even going to care. I remember having poop, spit up and boogers on me all at once. When Jacob was younger, he would spit up while we were out and we would just call it “mommy perfume.” Trust me, I thought I was going to be so grossed out with all of it, but really you just roll with the punches and say “ it’s just part of it.”
  • You’re not going to get your pre-pregnancy body back right away. I really thought that after I had Jacob that most of the weight was just going to fall off. “It’s just water weight” is what I would say. Welllll 11 months later and NOPE. I’m still about 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and about 20 pounds from where I want to be. Weight Watchers has helped me to lose about 20 pounds this year.
  • Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to keep our child alive. No one’s way of parenting is better than another. It’s just what works best for you and your family so don’t get bogged down in judgement from other people.

Happy Sunday!