These Are My Confessions.

Mason is here everyone! He is officially three weeks old now, sooo, this means I am officially a seasoned mom of two, right? Not so much. We are still getting the hang of the things around here. Life with two for sure throws a little curve ball but it’s nothing you can’t handle. At least that’s what I tell myself.

First of all:

Meet Mason:


Born at 6 pounds and 19 inches of pure sugar, this little guy for sure brightens our world.

Here are my confessions as a brand new ( second time) mom:

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” no longer pertains to my life. When people tell me to try and sleep when the baby sleeps, I laugh a little because there is so much less sleep with a toddler and a newborn. My first born, Jacob, has been thrown into a complete sleep regression and is waking up in the middle of the night and is WIDE awake at or before 5 AM ( We are working on that).

Our house has become a disaster area. While i’m feeding Mason, Jacob, plays carelessly with all of his toys. He brings toy after toy out and plays like it’s the first time he has seen it. I am lucky that Jacob can occupy himself and play for HOURS but the house becomes a wreck in about 2 minutes.


The anxiety has been worse for me this time around. For some reason, the first week we were home with Mason, I was a huge ball of nerves. It’s like I thought I was going to break him or something. We survived. Each week has gotten better with the anxiety and we are only on week three.

The pressure to nurse is so strong. I nursed for a few days and pumped for a few weeks but now we are purely on formula. I truly believe that fed is best. I am PRO breast feeding and PRO formula feeding. It’s what’s best for your family. What I don’t like is when people ask you tons of questions about why or why you aren’t nursing or when people judge you either way! Women should feel comfortable nursing OR bottle feeding in public without being judged, especially by other moms.

I haven’t left the house since Mason was born but only a handful of times. It doesn’t help that the weather is so cold right now, it feels like antarctica outside but also the thought of going out with my two boys alone is so daunting. We will get there but for now I am staying in my fuzzy christmas socks and maternity leggings until it gets a tad warmer.

Speaking of maternity pants, lets talk baby weight. I am one of the lucky ones that fat likes to stick to me when I am pregnant. It’s going to take some time, but I will get this baby weight off. I like doing Weight Watchers because it holds me accountable. I’ve already started tracking points and working on figuring out the new “freestyle” plan. Weight Watchers is good for me because it helps with portion control also. I can’t wait to start working out after I get approved by Doc at my six week appointment. I want to start by walking and doing a mixture of the beach body workouts.

I could go on and on with my confessions but here is some advice especially if you are a new mom or a new mom of two:

-Take care of yourself- take that long shower, drink the glass of wine, eat the piece of chocolate. Those first few weeks and months of motherhood you are purely in survival mode.

– Its OKAY if your first born watches some TV. Sometimes TV is the only way I can get a second to do something. No it’s not a babysitter but if it distracts my toddler for 3 minutes, i’ll take it!

– Give your first born a few more hugs, snuggles and a little more patience. They are going through a lot too.


– Love on your partner. If you are as lucky as me and you have someone who is there by your side every step of the way, a simple thank you and I love you goes a long way.

One more confession, while my new life with a toddler and newborn may be really hard right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. The love I have for these two boys of mine outweigh any diaper blow outs or toddler temper tantrums. Seeing them together melts my heart.



Baby # TWO: Q & A

I don’t know if you know it or not, but we are expecting baby number two! It’s hard to believe, but I am halfway through- twenty weeks. Unlike my first, this pregnancy is going by so fast! It’s probably because I am running around chasing a toddler who has a lot of energy!

Jacob, my son, just turned two! He is so much fun. He is a very lively little man with a lot of personality. He keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh so hard! Being pregnant with baby number two is a lot different from when I was pregnant with Jacob. Mainly because I can’t just lay around and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy for 8 hours straight. We are still waking up very early, which means early bedtimes for momma. Just in case you’re wondering, baby number two is another little boy named Mason. We are Thrilled!!

I thought it might be fun to fill you guys in with a little Q & A about my pregnancy this time around:

Week: 20

Baby Size: a paper airplane or as big as a mango for all of you fruit lovers. ( 6.5 inches, 10 oz)

Fun Fact: Mason is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day to practice breathing.

Cravings: Swedish fish is the only thing I’m really craving these days. With Jacob, all I wanted was ice cream all the time, not so much with this little one.

How I’m Feeling: EXHAUSTED but otherwise really good, a lot more like myself.

Movement: Tiny little flutters

Best Thing about Pregnancy this Week: making it to the halfway point. We’ve still got a ways to go but it’s closer to the finish line.

What I Miss the Most: WINE. Nothing else to say about that.

Looking forward to: The weather getting cooler, bigger kicks, seeing Jacob with a little brother.

What I’m Wearing: Mainly maternity clothes these days. I can’t wait for cooler weather for leggings and sweaters!

20 weeks pregnant

( Photo taken at 20 weeks with Mason. I am in a messy toddlers room but thats real life! ha)

20 weeks pregnant ( Just incase your curious.. Here is my bump around the exact same time with my little man, Jacob.)

Happy Monday!


You Know You’re a Mom When…

1. You say…”Don’t eat that” at least 20 times per day.

2. You know all the words to every sing along toy that your child has and you actually sing along.

3. You use Johnson and Johnson body wash for a relaxing bubble bath after a long day.

4. You bump your your laptop bag at work and a musical toy starts playing.

5. You’re in bed by 8:15 and fall asleep by 8:45 on most nights.

6. You get through the day with coffee and wine.

7. You have 10 million photos of your kids on your phone but most of them are blurry outtakes  just trying to get that one perfect picture.

8. You use baby wipes to clean everything.

9. You reach in your purse to find a pen and all you can find is a sock, paci, or a toy.

10. You get excited to go places kid free but miss them immediately.

11. You can never EVER find matching socks.

12. You smell your child’s butt and don’t even think about how gross that probably looked.

13. You constantly bring snacks everywhere you go just incase of a potential meltdown.

14. You leave the house with the amount of stuff that anyone else would take on a months vacation.

15. You wish there was a drive through for everything or at least delivery for everything. Why doesn’t starbucks deliver?!

16. You find Cheerios everywhere and I mean everywhere.

17. You clean your house and the next second it’s a mess again.

18. You randomly shout, “ ooohhh Toooodles” and its not weird.

19. You’re not even phased by boogers or poop anymore.

20. You act goofy and silly just to get a laugh and smile out of your little one because it makes your heart melt every time.


Jacob Turns One!!

I’m still trying to figure out how this is possible. This has been the fastest year of my life. It feels like I went to sleep with a newborn and woke up with a one year old. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our fair share of long days and nights. While we were in the moment time went by so slow but looking back it went by like the blink of an eye. I guess they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Jacob now has his own little personality and quirks. Here are some facts about him at a year old:

Teeth: he has 6 teeth and more are coming in.

Likes: Smiling. Clapping his hands. Playing “boo”. Splashing in the water. Kissing Mama and Dada. Kissing his bunny. Saying “Dadadada”. His toys that make noises. Being chased after. Sitting outside in his blue chair. Swinging. His bunny.

Dislikes: He hates when anyone leaves the room. Staying still. His changing table.

Favorite foods: Green beans. Carrots. Strawberry yogurt. Grilled cheese. Applesauce. Sweet potatoes. Watermelon.

Words: LOVES to say Dada. Mama. Guuuhh ( we think this means goose). Sign language for the words “milk” and “more”.

Here is Jacob at about a week old:

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.05.56 AM

Thank you Heather Creed Photography! <3 <3 <3

 Here is Jacob at almost one:

Thank you Brooke Christl Photography! It was really hard for us to choose which pictures to post! They were all so good! 🙂

Happy birthday to my little man! I am so happy to be your mama. I love watching you grow up!


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