Carolina Girls. Best in the World.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a big UNC fan! My dad went there and has season tickets for football, so you know where to find me at every other weekend in the fall. We have the best time together and it’s one of my favorite places to be.

Then came my husband. Biggest USC gamecock fan you will ever meet, SO I had to become a gamecocker too. We joke about who the real “Carolina” is, ( Which is UNC ;)), but it’s all fun and games. We cheer on each others teams unless they are playing each other. Which by the way, in exactly one year from today ,September 3, 2015, they will be in Charlotte. I’ll be in my Carolina Blue of course.

But here are some classic looks for both “carolina’s”:



And if you’re more of a T-Shirt and shorts kind of girl:



Happy Hump Day!



I’ve Got Spring Fever!!!

I’ve got some serious Spring Fever going on here in good ole North Carolina! ProFlowers reached out to me recently seeking my best floral inspired look. One of my favorite flowers is the tulip and this entire look is inspired by exactly that. 
I gotta say….. I love fresh flowers and what’s a better way to get rid of that spring fever than having a bouquet of those fresh smelling tulips on your office desk?! ( Hint Hint Fiance Brian)

The Essentials!

It was possibly the most freezing day EVER. Days like today make me reevaluate my wardrobe.I got to thinking, what the heck do you even wear when it’s 8 degrees outside!? I don’t know how you Northern folk do it on the reg. I’m pretty sure I looked like Nanook of the North. It was as cold as Alaska but we got through it.snowsuitAnyways……. Tonight, I put together some essentials that I think should be in every woman’s closet. This is so easy and i’m pretty positive that you have each of these in your closet. If not, its not going to be too hard for you to find them.

 Here they are:

x 1.Black  Cardigan// 2. Plain White Tee// 3. Black Leggings// 4.Some Pretty Sunnies// 5.Ballet Flats //6.Nude Cami //7.Trench Coat // 8.Dark Wash Denim // 9. LBD //10.White Blouse //11.Classic Pumps//

 Am I making you want to go evaluate your closet? K, Good! 🙂

I hope you are all bundled up next to a fire like I am tonight. Stay warm!



Christmas Outfit, Recipe, and Cocktail Collaboration Post + *A Few of Our Favorite Things* Giveaway!!

In the spirit of Christmas, I am teaming up with my sweet friend Jessie from Fashion Life to bring you our biggest and BEST post yet! This post is jammed packed with Christmas goodies, including a delicious recipe, and an exciting cocktail  and a Christmas party look! To top it all off, we are giving away ‘A Few of Our Favorite Things”!! Check out all of the goodies and then enter in the giveaway through the rafflecopter below! Good luck!

Going to or hosting a Christmas party? I have the BEST simplest cocktail recipe along with the most addicting appetizer to bring with you. Both of these are sure to leave your friends and family wondering how you came up with something SO delish!!!!!

Raspberry Delight

Here’s What You’ll need: champs

  • ½ Ounce of Chambord
  • 4 ounces of chilled champagne
  • 4 Raspberries

Start by putting the chambord in the glass. Then pour the champagne over the chambord. Top your cocktail with 4-5 raspberries. It’s that simple and so yummy!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 (8oz.) Cream Cheese
  • 2 cups finely chopped pecans
  • ½ cup finely chopped celery
  • ¼ cup finely chopped green peppers
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
  • 2 teaspoons seasoning salt

Here’s what you’ll do:

Combine cream cheese, 1 cup pecans and remaining ingredients until thoroughly blended. Shape into ball or log and roll in the remaining cup of pecans and serve with crackers.

P.S.– It’s best to use a food processor or chopper to make the items chopped as fine as possible!cheeseball

  Hi, I’m Jessie from Fashion Life! I am so excited to provide you with a look for one of your many Christmas parties this season!   I went for a more formal look and loved it.  I think this look is so elegant and would fit in anywhere, whether it’s a Christmas party at a restaurant or even at someone’s house.  I actually used a black lace dress for my top and put this long gold maxi skirt over it.  I added gold and silver accessories and a black clutch.  I think sparkly is a must for holiday parties.  I usually add sparkle through jewelry, but you can see I also added it here in my clutch and belt.  The clutch is a bit hard to see, but there are rhinestones on the clasp.  

PicMonkey Collage

To see more and to see where you can find similar pieces, check out my blog at !!!
And for what we know you’re really visiting for…the Giveaway!! One lucky winner will receive the following gifts just in time for Christmas: print scarf, chain necklace, hair ties, two gorgeous bracelets, a statement necklace, sunglass case, and chevron tape.  Enter through the rafflecopter below:

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