I don’t know if you know it or not, but we are expecting baby number two! It’s hard to believe, but I am halfway through- twenty weeks. Unlike my first, this pregnancy is going by so fast! It’s probably because I am running around chasing a toddler who has a lot of energy!

Jacob, my son, just turned two! He is so much fun. He is a very lively little man with a lot of personality. He keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh so hard! Being pregnant with baby number two is a lot different from when I was pregnant with Jacob. Mainly because I can’t just lay around and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy for 8 hours straight. We are still waking up very early, which means early bedtimes for momma. Just in case you’re wondering, baby number two is another little boy named Mason. We are Thrilled!!

I thought it might be fun to fill you guys in with a little Q & A about my pregnancy this time around:

Week: 20

Baby Size: a paper airplane or as big as a mango for all of you fruit lovers. ( 6.5 inches, 10 oz)

Fun Fact: Mason is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day to practice breathing.

Cravings: Swedish fish is the only thing I’m really craving these days. With Jacob, all I wanted was ice cream all the time, not so much with this little one.

How I’m Feeling: EXHAUSTED but otherwise really good, a lot more like myself.

Movement: Tiny little flutters

Best Thing about Pregnancy this Week: making it to the halfway point. We’ve still got a ways to go but it’s closer to the finish line.

What I Miss the Most: WINE. Nothing else to say about that.

Looking forward to: The weather getting cooler, bigger kicks, seeing Jacob with a little brother.

What I’m Wearing: Mainly maternity clothes these days. I can’t wait for cooler weather for leggings and sweaters!

20 weeks pregnant

( Photo taken at 20 weeks with Mason. I am in a messy toddlers room but thats real life! ha)

20 weeks pregnant ( Just incase your curious.. Here is my bump around the exact same time with my little man, Jacob.)

Happy Monday!



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  1. Angela
    August 7, 2017 at 10:21 pm (5 years ago)

    Lauren, you look Amazing and an Amazing mother!! Can’t wait to meet my new great nephMason. He will be such a lucky little boy to have you and Brian as parents and Jacob as a big brother to show him the ropes.


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