1. You say…”Don’t eat that” at least 20 times per day.

2. You know all the words to every sing along toy that your child has and you actually sing along.

3. You use Johnson and Johnson body wash for a relaxing bubble bath after a long day.

4. You bump your your laptop bag at work and a musical toy starts playing.

5. You’re in bed by 8:15 and fall asleep by 8:45 on most nights.

6. You get through the day with coffee and wine.

7. You have 10 million photos of your kids on your phone but most of them are blurry outtakes  just trying to get that one perfect picture.

8. You use baby wipes to clean everything.

9. You reach in your purse to find a pen and all you can find is a sock, paci, or a toy.

10. You get excited to go places kid free but miss them immediately.

11. You can never EVER find matching socks.

12. You smell your child’s butt and don’t even think about how gross that probably looked.

13. You constantly bring snacks everywhere you go just incase of a potential meltdown.

14. You leave the house with the amount of stuff that anyone else would take on a months vacation.

15. You wish there was a drive through for everything or at least delivery for everything. Why doesn’t starbucks deliver?!

16. You find Cheerios everywhere and I mean everywhere.

17. You clean your house and the next second it’s a mess again.

18. You randomly shout, “ ooohhh Toooodles” and its not weird.

19. You’re not even phased by boogers or poop anymore.

20. You act goofy and silly just to get a laugh and smile out of your little one because it makes your heart melt every time.



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